Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still slogging on in spite of vision restrictions!!

Except for my continued headaches and dizziness with nausea I still managed to have a great Sunday! How can you not love 2 full days of Pro Football with a College Playoff game tomorrow? Well, maybe not YOU, but me. I love cold rainy weather, my homemade low-fat Loaded Baked Potatoe soup and fresh hot bread. Oh, and of course my handy portable heater for my 50+ year old house and my amazing new Ott Light bought on huge after Christmas sale!!

Speaking of Christmas, here are some of my trees and my sweet Snicklefritz helper:

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  1. Well, we can't have this vision, nausea, etc issue. This will not do at all. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and for sharing your beautiful holiday decor --- feel better fast!