Saturday, January 10, 2015


With great fear I sat waiting for the Opthomoligist Surgeon to examine and pronounce judgement on the state of my right eye. I had been experiencing fluctuating vision for several months but my GP thought it was a side effect of 1 of my asthma drugs. I had my vision evaluation in November and got a clean 20-25 bill of health. I had more fogginess in December and on New Years Eve had a long hairline floater suddenly show up and then flashes of color in the corner of my right eye. The next morning I just had a gray smudge in the center of my right vision. I woke up during the night of Tuesday January 6 with intense eye pain. The next morning I was immediately referred to and seen by a surgeon....

So here I was waiting for a chance to begin my New Stitchy Start piece but also waiting for the diagnosis. It was a possible small Retinal Detachment or PVD which will have to be monitered closely. The smudge is a very large floater that may or may not disolve but either way he says I will get used to it! Easy for him to say to a stitcher!!

I can stitch for very short periods of time and then my eye aches and I have to rest but I am burning with the fire and desire to stitch, stitch, stitch after so long away.

This is what I am working on now. It was to be a January 20th B-day present for 1 of my beloved
sisters. She is decorating in Mid Century Modern and she fell in love with these. They are from the June issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine. Progress will be slow and she may only get 1 this month but soon.

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